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What to expect on your initial consultation?
Our trichologist will carefully question each client and examine the hair and scalp thoroughly to assess the problem. A microscopic examination and a biochemical assessment may be required to aid in the evaluation of the problem.

During this time, hair samples may be taken and sent out for further microscopic examination to discuss at a later time. The client will then be contacted regarding the results. The trichologist will determine if she can help manage the problem, if not she will make a referral to a physician. The Hair Management Group respects each client's privacy and we are serious about client confidentiality, strict HIPPA rules and regulations are followed.

The following is a list of test that may be conducted, but not limited to:
  • Urine Test
  • Saliva Test
  • Medical History
  • Dietary Evaluation
  • Lifestyle Analysis
  • Digital photo may be taken for hair loss progressive assessments (the face will not be shown)
  • A microscopic analysis of your hair and scalp
  • An In-depth consultation about your body systems deficiencies
  • A recommended program to help balance the body
  • A treatment plan at home with regular reassessment to check the progress, and long term management
  • Referral to a doctor for further evaluation

We offer (4) consultation options:
30 minutes $50.00 – For the evaluation of candidacy for Hair Extensions to restore damaged hair, healthy hair styling options, natural hair maintenance tips. This fee will be applied towards your service within 30 days of consultation, no exceptions.

45 minutes $85.00 – For the evaluation of damaged hair due to chemicals or mechanical use, mild shedding, mild to moderate breakage, dryness to brittleness hair and/or scalp, transitioning from chemicals to natural hair plan of action.

1 ½ hour $150.00 – This is our most comprehensive consultation offered for clients experiencing moderate to severe hair breakage, hair thinning, hair loss, bald patches, total baldness, receding hair lines, traction alopecia, flaky scalp issues, scalp disorders.

Cancer Patients (Complimentary service) – This consultation is designed for clients needing to cut down their hair before treatment begins, wig planning and selection, custom wig Design service available.