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Hair Weaving/Extensions… Is it the right choice for you?
Hair extensions have become one of the leading hair loss solutions, especially for women. With hair extensions, length and volume can be added to natural hair to create a fuller, healthier appearance. While this method doesn't work for individuals suffering from complete baldness, it works wonders for those suffering thinning hair or hair loss.

Everyone is not a good candidate for all techniques, but when you work with a qualified professional hair weaving/extensions reduces the everyday stresses your hair undergoes from mechanical, chemical and environmental damage. A weave is perfect for someone who wants to remain chemical free but wants a textural or color change. A weave can allow you to shampoo, swim freely, wear a carefree ponytail and still look professional and fabulous.

A cornrow base weave allow for constant conditioning benefits. Once a cornrow base is made, the hair and scalp are treated to a wonderful blend of natural oils thatpenetrate deep into the braids and scalp allowing the hair underneath your weave to remained conditioned, moisturized and protected even wash after wash. Watchhow much your hair grows with this process!

What makes a weave look natural?
The cornrow base pattern is extremely important as well as high quality hair selection, the blending, the cut and the flow. These are key ingredients to a natural looking hair weave. The upkeep and maintenance isjust as important. If you have an open top or part, then partial relaxer touch ups or thermal pressing should continue as well as color to maintain your look. When applied by an experienced professional, the weave is flat to the touch and will flow very natural!
What is the cycle of a weave?
Initial installation 3-5 hours
Weekly or bi-weekly shampooing with recommend professional products for hair and scalp care.
4-8 weeks after install slightly textuzing your edges or hair left out may be needed.
Depending on rate of hair growth, 3-4 month removal, realignment treatment, moisture treatments, scalp exfoliation, end trim, and re-install depending on time frame quoted in the initial plan of action.

Is a net or closure piece necessary?
A net is strongly recommended. It is a key factor in the longevity of your weave. The net reinforces the cornrows and will keep the base intact during shampooing and manipulating of the hair. The closure is highly recommended for full weaves utilizing the right density closure gives a better visual result and rest away damaged hair completely.

How much 100% human hair is needed?
It depends on several factors, style, size of clients head, length, etc… High quality hair is sold in ounces and could range approximately between 4–9 ounces, but the exact amount would need to be determined in your consultation. What hair is best?
We only use the highest quality hair that is supplied or special ordered by The Hair Management Group to insure the integrity and life span of your investment. Virgin Remy hair is our #1 choice, it has not undergone any harsh chemical processing and can last upwards of 1–2 years!

Local beauty supplies tend to supply hair that is often mixed with animal and synthetic fibers that can cause scalp irritation and even allergic reactions. This type of hair is best used for very temporary methods or a weekend hair style

Hair extensions are generally comprised of European, Indian or Asian hair.

Whether you select human hair or synthetic hair, the professionals at The Hair Management Group will be able to match the length, color, thickness and texture to ensure it blends well with your natural hair.

Who should remove my hair weave/extensions?
It is strongly recommended that you return in the suggested time frame for us to remove your weave! It is very easy to cut your hair when allowing someone else to remove it, other than who installed it. It is very important to properly and gently detangle the hair after this length of time, if not severe tangling could occur during shampooing.

The Hair Management Group requires client compliancy in regards to removal. We require the extensions installed by The Hair Management Group to be removed only by us to continue future services of extensions. We will not remove extensions not installed by us!

How do I maintain my hair at home?
Once your hair is weaved it should be carefree and easy to care for, for short to long lengths, the hair can be wrapped, pin curled or rolled up and tied up. For Curly to extremely curly, plait or twist hair in several sections to retain curl pattern. Brush and detangle your hair daily as needed. If your hair loses its shine and luster brushing can revitalize your hair.

Do not excessively oil your commercial hair as this will lead to heavy, lifeless hair and can also cause skin irritation. Moisturize your scalp with a natural oils, using an applicator bottle for ease of application.

When shampooing at home only use what is recommended by our staff, being sure to rinse hair very well in the shower preferable. Be sure to completely dry cornrows underneath with a hooded dryer. Do not go to bed with wet hair. You will need a follow up consult to know when it's time to remove your extensions.

All hair attachment services require a consultation and a non-refundable deposit. Before securing appointments, every client may not be a good candidate for every method. We are happy to help assist you in selecting what's best for you.